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In the making of our beeswax wraps we have buckets full of fabric off cuts every day. So rather than throw them into landfill we reuse them and make them into organic fire lighters.

We make them by hand with the off cuts and infuse them with the beeswax. The same quality of wax we use in our wraps. 

The fire lighters are ideal for the home fire or campfireBBQ and each ball has a neutral impact on the environment. 

The balls leave no residue, have no toxic fumes when burning and are reduced to ash. 

Simply place your them in your fireplace and light. It is that simple. The pods have a subtle beeswax scent to add warmth and ambience to your home. 

Furthermore, the pods continuously burn in a steady and consistent flame for between 9 and 11 minutes, more than enough time to set your fire roaring. 



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