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Bee Experience Session

Inside the Hive!


Park Farm Cottage Bees “Inside the hive” experience – A peek into the life of a beekeeper and the bees.


Experience days are tailored to give you a flavour of bee keeping. You will have a chance to open and explore the inner workings of the hive. You will learn about the various stages of the brood and to identify the caste of bees. “The Queens in there somewhere!” You will learn to handle the bees under the supervision of Tony the Bee Farmer. Your first delve into a hives can be daunting, Tony will take you through the session at a steady pace.


Your session will begin with an introduction to bees and beekeeping, the equipment and tools commonly used, and a first glimpse inside the hive. You’ll then get suited and booted, ready to inspect one of the hives and help with handling the frames and checking the health of the colony.

Groups are small. No more than six people (although we can cater for individual larger groups). Bee suits are provided, you need only bring a pair of Wellington boots and a sense of adventure. Take as many photos and ask as many questions as you wish.

The experience session lasts about two hours starting at 10am. The experience day can be booked for any day and is wholly dependent on the weather. The weather needs to be warm and dry and we will confirm if the session is to go ahead by at least the day before the booking, if it is to be cancelled we will reschedule with you as soon as possible

What’s included

• Rural Beekeeping experience

• 2 to 3 hour session

• Bee Suit – please note you need to bring a pair of Wellington Boots.

Bee Experience
Bee Experience Sessions
Bee Experience Sessions
Bee Keeper

You can choose a date on the next page. If none of the available dates are suitable for you then please select the "no dates suitable" option and when further dates are released we will email you. 

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