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Ready, steady.........GO!

Hopefully the very cold weather is over as spring is just around the corner. Whilst we walked in the beautiful sunshine on Sunday, I couldn’t believe how warm it was! The air was full of the smell of spring and the birds where certainly enjoying the weather. We noticed that the hawthorn is in full bloom and what a beautiful sight it was. The fields were also full of snow drops and wild primroses, such a lovely sight.

It’s such an exciting time now for the bees. We were very pleased to see that some of our hives were bringing in pollen! This is a great sign that the queen is laying eggs and the colony is getting ready for the new season! All the hives are currently wrapped up to keep them watertight over the wet months and help with warmth.

Over the next few weeks, we will unwrap them and have a look to see what they’ve been up to. All the winter bees will slowly die off and be replaced by new bees over the next few weeks.

So, keep your fingers crossed for fine weather and no heavy late frost! Here’s a little video we took whilst checking on the girls.

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