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Removing honey bees from a shed!

We received a message that someone had bees in the side of their shed. After a quick check, yep that's them alright! We shed was located in Cross in Hand at a yard, lovely big shed and very easy access (not like the chimney!)

Luckly for us it was a much cooler day, rain in the morning had meant them were nice and calm and not busy. We started by slowly removing a lenght of shiplap and yep there they were!

Gently we removed each piece of wood to show more and more of the beautiful comb they had drawn out. Lots of lovely honey and massive amounts of brood. We sliced up the comb with eggs and brood on and placed into frames and then the hive. This is so important to do this as it gives them a very good start somewhere else. Each piece of comb is strapped into an empty frame and placed carefully into a hive. Not long and the hive was full of lovely frames of sealed brood and eggs a perfect start for their new home.

We started to vacum the bees up with a specail hoover which gently sucked them up and places them into a bucket. This way we can remove them all without them flying off.

Mission complete! All the bees where now either on the frames in the new hive or in the bucket. Another succesful removal and happy new home for the girls!

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